--- Precision mechanic with emphasis on mechanical engineering ---


Precision mechanics work in the following work areas: mechanical engineering, toolmaking and precision mechanics. They are active in the manufacture and maintenance of machines, instruments, systems and plants as well as stamped, cut and formed products and in the construction of devices and moulds.


Work fields

• Testing and measurement
• Joining
• Manual machining and forming
• Mechanical machining
• Maintaining and servicing of equipment
• Differentiation, allocation and handling of raw materials and auxiliaries; heat treatment
• Programming of numerically controlled machines, devices or plants
• Operation of machine tools
• Mounting and testing of hydraulic, pneumatic and electropneumatic control systems
• Assembly and commissioning
• Maintenance of technical systems



Educational requirements:
- good certificate of secondary education, with good grades in maths, physics and technology

Personal requirements:
- good understanding of technology and natural sciences
- a sure hand
- IT know-how

Duration of training:
- 3.5 years
- Possibility to reduce training period in case of excellent performance or appropriate previous education

Possibilities for advanced training:
- Master
- Engineer